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Why Invest in Property?

Invest in property as it is one of the oldest methods to make money and achieve wealth. Ultimately, all of us have different personal interpretations of what money means to us. For me, its FREEDOM OF TIME to spend with my family, work from home and be fully present in my child’s life as well as, build a LEGACY which can be passed down from generation to generation. What I LOVE about property is that it is simple to understand and there are many CREATIVE ways to make money. I’ve done most methods so far (commercial, buy refurb and refinance, Rent to Rent HMOs and Rent to Serviced Accommodation with the exception of Lease Options but the next challenge will be to convert some Rent to Rents to Lease Options.

What is Rent to Rent and how does this Strategy Work?:

Rent to Rent is a property TOOL to acquire properties in order make MONEY by running a business strategy such as HMOs and/or Serviced Accommodation. You can also do single-lets but the profit margins on this is very SLIM on a Rent to Rent model, so probably isn’t worth the effort and time. Rent to Rent is more common than you are aware and is visible in everyday businesses. See the following video for more information: