About Us

Who is Lesley Tao?

I am foremost a PROUD mum, wife, daughter and sister. 

On the professional front, I use to be a Lawyer working for a MAGIC CIRCLE firm (Clifford Chance) in Dubai and before that, I worked for an Award Winning Litigation Team in an International City firm in London (Clyde & Co).

On the property front, I am (now) an Award Winning Property Investor and currently manage a multi-million pound mixed property portfolio (commercial, retail units, buy-lets and HMOs) that is owned by my family.

I am probably most well known for my achievements with Rent to Rent (R2R) and in particular Rent to Serviced Accommodation (R2SA) which are LOW MONEY DOWN strategies.

The first time I achieved Financial Security it took 2 years and it was in 2013 when I left my high paying law firm job. I was able to achieve Financial Security again after I moved from Dubai at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018 back to the UK, but this time it took 2-3 months as opposed to 2 years and I was able to reach a net income of GBP10,000 in 4 months using R2RSA.

After we took on our 12th R2R unit I didn’t think we would want to take on anymore. However, now in my second year in the UK, our R2R portfolio has grown to just under 50 units, which is a mix of R2SA and R2R HMOs.

We run around 50 rooms now on an HMO basis and around 30 R2SA units.

Not everything has been easy though, I’ve had some pretty steep failures in my life and property investment journey, however, that’s also the reason I was able to accelerate fast in my property journey when I came back to UK.

"I do want you to know, its ok to FAIL, however, this is also something which should be mitigated as much as possible" - Lesley Tao

I love sharing my pot of golden nuggets and some for free on my YouTube channel, take a look at the video above and click the button to see more.

My legal skills have been invaluable to my property investing journey as it has meant that I have literally been able to draft contracts, commercial and legal terms on the spot as well as project manage, problem solve, negotiate and close deals at a fast pace.

My legal background is definitely one of my biggest assets and skill sets. There are often many legal questions on how to set up Sourcing and Rent to Rent businesses in a compliant and legal manner and also about the contracts used thereafter.

In order to share my legal and commercial expertise and facilitate investors, I have set up a law firm ‘CASHFLOW COMPLIANCE LIMITED’ which can assist with Company Set Ups, Compliance, Contracts, Lease Option Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements.

If you need assistance, do contact team@cashflow-freedom.com who will connect you with one of our solicitors.


Who is Trevor Cutmore?

There are great opportunities in property. I am brokering large deals around the country.

I was born in London in 1962, moving to Sevenoaks in Kent where I grew up and was educated. Judo is a passion of mine and I trained hard, being awarded the school colours for my achievements. Brian Jacks, a British Judo legend and Olympic Medallist was my trainer from 1975 – 1978.

I realised that with hard work and commitment I could achieve results, and this encouraged me to work harder. I started Judo because I was being bullied, little did I know what lessons were in store for me! A part time job milking cows taught me a valuable life lesson: to get ahead in life you must be able to overcome difficulties.

I studied at Westminster College in 1978, and at the same time got my first job as a Chef at The Strand Palace Hotel. I got married to my lovely wife Marie in 1982. I developed my career as a Chef working in a few high profile restaurants and by training others in Italy. I did a live cookery programme for Ideal World Shopping Channel and a radio show on BBC 3 Counties. We moved to Lincolnshire in 1987 and I continued commuting to London for work until 2003.

In 1994 I was a very different person. Ironically, I became a bit of a bully myself. I learned to fight and break peoples’ arms, noses, and fingers. I was a nasty piece of work, but then my life changed. I used to swear constantly in six different languages but since that day I have had a strong Christian faith and I haven’t sworn since. It was a really bad time in my life but thankfully I experienced one of the most significant turning points of my life. Acting with integrity is a hugely important part of me, as is operating in an ethical and reputable manner. My faith drives me because I want to be in a position to help many more people.

In 2003 my salary dropped from £50,000 per annum to £19,000 when I became a Community Development Officer. Since then I have set up a youth centre, debt counselling agency, IT training centre, and conference rooms to deliver a variety of educational and intergenerational projects. I helped grow a community and reduce local youth crime rates to almost zero in an area of London. I helped set up a school in Kenya for two hundred and fifty children who are now achieving great academic success. I have had the pleasure of visiting three times so far.


“When viewing, I never see property, I only see potential”

In 2006 I purchased a large commercial building and soon after formed a property investment business with a joint venture partner. Within a year we bought five properties, but had to stop temporarily because we were weren’t able to get our deposits out of the properties. Then the crash in the market happened!

In 2006 my wife and I were blessed with the arrival of our youngest daughter Joy. Soon afterwards in 2009 we became grandparents. I completed Progressive Property’s training courses and signed up for the VIP Mentorship Programme, which helped us take property investing to another level. Through monthly mentoring sessions I was given bite size goals and encouragement to go and achieve success. I have made some very close friends through the mentorship programme and we encourage and inspire one another to progress.

The key strategies I use to produce my income from property are:

Lease Options, Buy To Let, Corporate Lettings, and Buy Refurbish and Re-mortgage. I have grown positive cash flowing property portfolios for my joint venture partners and me.

Philanthropy is a passion of mine and so my mission for the future is to help others, working with people and wider communities. I get great joy and satisfaction from helping others change their lives. Educated property investing has enabled me to make monthly passive income, so I can use my time to help others and spend more time with my family.

Now I have ‘let my boss go.’ I get paid to do what I love while working less hours and helping others in many different ways! I invest with and on behalf of joint venture partners. I have a lot of opportunities in London and across the country for dealing with high-end properties, so if you are interested and would like to know more, please contact me on Trevor@cashflow-freedom.com

Here at Cashflow Freedom, we offer my own group mentorship programme that is tailored to meet the needs of every individual, providing mentoring services to property investor professionals who wish to use my knowledge to fast track their portfolio building ability, without making the mistakes that can cost time and money.