GOLDEN NUGGETS – How to find your first R2SA

In this video, Lesley gives some authentic golden nuggets on the easiest way to secure your first R2SA.

Hi guys, it’s Lesley Tao here.

What a wonderful day to be alive. Today I’m going to teach you how to find your first rent-to-rent service accommodation property.

The first golden nugget I’ve got for you is to actually reach out to those you already know. Network your community, which means, that’s your family, your friends, your work colleagues.

Let them know what you’re doing and what you’re looking for. And maybe they’ll ask their friends and their community and their network.

The reason why this is such a powerful golden nugget is because they already sort of know you. So there’s already some level of trust there. Getting yourself on Facebook, getting yourself on Instagram. Just telling them, spreading the good word about what you do and what you’re looking for.

I actually found my first rent to SA apartment from networking my cousin. My cousin is quite well known in the Chinese community in Cambridge, as he already has some sort of network marketing business. So he just asked one of his good friends for me, and that was our first property that we were able to take on. Because there’s already a level of trust and reputation there, it was a no-deposit-down deal. We got it two-week rental free, and a little bit of a reduction in the rent.

So the second golden nugget I’ve got for you guys is, you might not be aware, but the business owner of, let’s say, the convenience store down your road, probably owns a lot of properties. So my golden nugget is, you need to business-develop business owners. Especially those who have a family business. Business owners tend to then invest the monies that they make into something like property.

Nuggets number three.

You’re going to be able to also find landlords directly on online platforms such as Gumtree, OpenRent, and SpareRoom. Gumtree was also one of the forums that I got one of my first properties on as well.

Lastly, my final golden nugget for getting in touch with landlords directly is to go to any pin meetings in your local city or area. And also, the council sets up training, for example, HMO-related training for landlords directly. So the landlords will usually attend those trainings. So that’s a great little platform you to go and network as well.

So, before I even teach you how to acquire rent-to-rent properties with agencies, you need to make sure you try and acquire property directly from a landlord, because this will be the bread and butter of getting yourself out there.

Good luck.