Relocation back to Cambridge! The Challenge: Financially free in 3 months PART 1

THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing so much support for my first blog.  I woke up with 24 messages (and growing) in my inbox which has meant that I am now back on my laptop, FURIOUSLY hashing out this sequel.


I often get asked why I relocated back to the UK from SUNNY Dubai, especially when all my assets and businesses are in Dubai.  The reason is only one ‘FAMILY’.  I had quite a tough 2017 as my husband ‘Remy’ and I went through two miscarriages.  I want to share this personal experience as we (men and women) probably don’t talk about it enough.  To be honest, I was completely KNOCKED OUT for most of 2017.   But thanks to my extremely SUPPORTIVE family, close friends and dedicated husband, I am now back on my feet and literally SPRINTING!

I came back to the UK and more specifically CAMBRIDGE (where my family live) in JANUARY 2018 and decided to set myself a challenge of building up POSITIVE CASHFLOW through PROPERTY with as little money down as possible, as soon as possible!  Although my properties in Dubai are generating PASSIVE INCOME and there is a system in place so this business is HANDS OFF, I wanted to separated Dubai income from UK income.  So, as far as my mental state was concerned, I was starting from scratch again to build FINANCIAL WEALTH.

The great thing about the UK is that there are property courses out there.  I am a big believer in EDUCATION, further training and to learn from people who are doing it already and are DOING IT WELL!  If you want to be a dentist, you need to study dentistry… and you need to go to law school if you want to become a lawyer, the same logic should apply if you want to become a sophisticated PROPERTY INVESTOR.

I booked myself onto the ‘Kendall Bailey Rent to Rent’ course, run by the amazing and beautiful ‘Katrina Jones’ and also attended the Samuel Leeds’ HIGH ENERGY crash course which resulted me enrolling in Samuel’s 12 month Academy.   It was in front of 200 people when the MICROPHONE got passed to me and Samuel asked me what I wanted to achieve in 2018, to which I replied confidently that “I am here to learn how to earn £10,000 net/month through Property Investing’.

With Katrina’s help, I later broke the figures down that I only needed £2,500 net/month to cover all my monthly expenses  and therefore to become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT, so that was my first goal.  I was able to achieve this goal by the end of March 2018 and am on track to reach and EXCEED my initial goal of £10,000 net/month by end of August 2018 whereby I would then be FINANCIALLY OPULENT.  Of course, I didn’t achieve all of this by myself, I had the upmost support from my wonderful husband and family on all fronts and they are my POWER TEAM.  Having a Power Team is very important whether it be your family or support group but that’s another blog for another day 🙂

Everyone’s figure to achieve FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE is different.  For many, it is a fixed figure to replace your CURRENT SALARY or others, its your fixed monthly expenses that you absolutely need to cover.  Please try working out your monthly necessary/fixed expenses by using the below guideline.  This is the figure that you will need to ACHIEVE through PASSIVE INCOME in order to become financially independent.

  1. Rent                                                                                         _________________
  2. Mortgage(s)                                                                            _________________
  3. Utility Bills (water/electricity/internet)                            _________________
  4. Housing related expenses (council tax/insurance)        _________________
  5. Mobile Phone                                                                         _________________
  6. Personal Loan/Credit cards                                                 _________________
  7. Car Loan                                                                                  _________________
  8. Car related expenses (maintenance/petrol/tax)              _________________
  9. Travel expenses                                                                     _________________
  10. Food/groceries                                                                        _________________
  11. School fees                                                                               _________________
  12. Children related expenses                                                    _________________
  13.  Any other expenses                                                              _________________

Step 2 is to then calculate how much MORE MONEY per month you would then need for LUXURIES, treats, holidays, family contributions, emergencies, savings and investments etc.  This is the amount you would need to become FINANCIALLY OPULENT and is a complete personal choice and amount.  Some people need more and some need less

If you have your figure, please feel free to share and comment below/on my facebook post.  Lets go on this JOURNEY TOGETHER.   In my next blog, I will explain what is rent to rent strategy, why it works for me and the pros and cons.

Peace Out xoxoxo