The Journey Begins: ‘Panic Attack at 30’!

Thank you for joining me!

I am Lesley Tao and I want to share with you how I became FINANCIALLY FREE in 3 months through PROPERTY after relocating back to the UK in January 2018.  In particular, I want to give a ‘shout out’ to all WOMEN out there to take control of your financial future (if you haven’t already) and seek your own FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

This is my first blog post and it is a pleasure to be back in Cambridge and being able to blog with the football on in the background, sunshine still out at 7:30pm and munching on the sweetest watermelon.  First, let me give you some background about me.

I am a 3rd generation Taiwanese Brit (by Nationality) in the UK and was in Dubai for the past 8 years, working long hours in the litigation department for a Magic Circle Law Firm.  I remember hitting 30 years old in 2013 and having a PANIC ATTACK as I wasn’t where I envisaged I would be in life.  At 18 years old, I thought age 30 was donkey years away and that I would have made it as a hotshot judge by then OR some sort of business tycoon OR married off to an awesome husband!  In fact, I had achieved none of these goals that I had set when I was 18 and to be honest, wasn’t even close!  Corporate life wasn’t bad but it did feel like GOLDEN SHACKLES…. I remember panicking that another 10 years could just fly past and I would still stuck in an office but with greying hair and a computer belly wondering ‘WHAT IF..?’

With a HEAVY HEART, I blew out my 30th birthday candles and planned to revisit Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book which was collecting dust under the bed.  ’30’ was the MAGIC NUMBER for me, as that was when I purchased 5 properties in one year (some through joint ventures).  The focus was always on ‘Cashflow’ as Cashflow is King! For those who don’t know what cashflow is, that is money put back into your pocket or bank account produced through passive income (therefore even when you are asleep), such as rental income, dividends or any other investments.

In 2015, I quit my corporate job as I had enough passive income to replace my corporate paycheck and also opened a quirky Salon Business in Dubai.  2016 also saw me build a small rent to rent (R2R) portfolio in Dubai as a result of my property experience as a landlord and to this date, R2R profits still outperforms all other buy-to-let properties by 100+% ROI.  2016 was also the year I got married to my wonderful Lebanese husband and somehow also find the time to open a small cleaning business.

There have also been times when deals have GONE WRONG.  For example, I invested to buy a hotel apartment off-plan but the son of the owner of the development company had run off with the funds (probably to fund his latest Ferrari), which was suppose to be protected by an escrow account.  In the end, I had to negotiate hard with my SUDANESE BESTIE to get part of my investment funds back.  I ended getting back my initial investment LESS 10%, so there was a 10% loss.

I guess the biggest lesson I learnt as an ENTREPRENEUR and investor is that you always enrich your experience with every business deal, you need to be able to change the tide of the water, not be afraid to put in whatever is necessary to get the deal or the job done and let go if things are not working out.  MINDSET is so important and my glass is always half full…..perhaps TOO FULL 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog…..let me know if you want me to blog about any topics!  I will talk about my UK investment journey ‘Financially Free in 3 months’ in my next blog.  Peace Out xoxoox

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton