What is Rent to Rent and how does this Strategy Work?

Rent to Rent is a property TOOL to acquire properties in order make MONEY by running a business strategy such as HMOs and/or Serviced Accommodation.

You can also do single-lets but the profit margins on this is very SLIM on a Rent to Rent model, so probably isn’t worth the effort and time.

Rent to Rent is more common than you are aware and is visible in everyday businesses. See the video to the right.

What credentials are needed to invest using this strategy:

You need to set your Rent to Rent business up properly in a compliant and legal manner.

I can teach you how to do the above on one of the Masterclasses OR you can reach out to our legal team who will do it for you team@cashflow-freedom.com

Please note, we teach best practice as we need to set an example and increase the standard in the property investing industry.